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    360 feedback

    360 feedback360 Feedback Survey

    As a HR manager, do you want your leaders to align their behaviours with the required competencies for their role and also help them make the most of their knowledge, skills and abilities?

    360 feedback compares current and desired levels of competence among leaders. This confidential and sensitive process enables your executive team to align their behaviours with your organisation's preferred leadership styles.

    360 Feedback Survey is a leadership development tool. It will help your top people become more self-aware and give them some skills to become better leaders. As a result, organisations can benefit from increased discretionary effort from the staff these people manage, decreased employee turnover and increased billing revenue as a result of increased internal or external customer satisfaction.

    Insync Surveys can provide a 360 Feedback Survey tool and a supportive process to understand and use the results. Each 360 Feedback Survey participant will chose and invite their own managers, peers and/or direct reports for feedback. Your HR team will manage the survey administration. Confidential reports for participants will be created by Insync Surveys. Finally, we can help 360 feedback participants understand and use their results for improvement.

    Features of Insync Surveys' 360 feedback offering:

    • participant training and development sessions led by one of Insync Surveys' registered psychologists or research experts
    • quick to implement, cost-effective and available for any sized organisation
    • by using an independent external provider feedback remains confidential and can be owned by the participant
    • the tool can be customised to match your organisation's competencies

    Benefits of 360 feedback:

    • promotes open and honest communication between leaders, their direct reports, peers and managers
    • encourages self awareness among your leadership team and guides self development
    • build positive workplace relationships by helping improve leaders' emotional intelligence
    • can link to your organisation's leadership development program
    • supports organisational and cultural change by developing "senior leaders" rather than managers

    360 feedback testimonial from a senior manager in the construction industry:

    "The trouble is that you can never be truly objective of your own behaviours; undergoing 360 feedback is very confronting to begin with as it makes you face up to all of your insecurities.

    "Ultimately I am so pleased that I went through this as the period of self reflection combined with critique by those who know me made me address areas which I needed to develop but also gave me confidence in areas that I wasn't so sure about.

    "The process also made me realise that I really want to be here when I considered where my core strengths lay and what the company is all about."

    This leader has been working in the same organisation for over 25 years, working his way up the managerial ladder. He understands the core business inside out but till now, has never been given solid training in how to manage staff.


    For further details on 360 feedback please contact +61 3 9909 9222

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