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    360 feedback survey interview with a prospective client


    "I work in a large multi-national organisation where there is a clear progression path. Local markets seem to govern the HR strategy for people resourcing; as a sweetener to get people to pack-up and move to a remote (sometimes undesirable) location it's common-place for promotion to accompany re-locating recruits. This sounds fine but having just been put under the wing of a new manager who's benefited from these promotions, it made me question the system. The new manager is personable when he speaks and he seems competent on the odd occasion we see him.  He even has great vision but he must be at pains with the IT system, or has lost his voice. Unfortunately he rarely communicates.

    "On the surface this guy ticks a lot of boxes:

    • He has a wealth of industry experience and sound judgement
    • He's shown solid career progression with a promotion on at least his last three re-locations
    • He is professional and analytical

    "However, as my manager he is just 'okay' - certainly not great. In terms of what's holding him back, I honestly think he has no idea that the rest of us (his team) perceive him as being aloof. I've worked here for seven years and consider this a reasonable place to work and I would like to stay a little longer. I'd even go so far to say that all of our team would like to get behind this new manager to deliver some chunky three year projects. However, we need to be able to tell him what we think and what he needs to do for us so we can start to function properly as a team.

    "Some years ago I went through a redundancy and spent some time considering what to do with the next chapter of my life. Part of this process involved using a life coach who conducted a 360 degree feedback survey on me. I had never heard of such a thing previously and was sceptical but it was a brilliant life affirming process. The 360 feedback survey made me stop, be mindful and consider:

    • Who I was and what I thought of myself
    • What I wanted
    • What others thought of me
    • How to achieve what I wanted to become

    "The 360 feedback in hindsight was the easy part, it was adapting the old behaviours that took discipline.

    "I would love to suggest such a process to our new manager and wondered if you could contact him with a view to looking at our whole team unit. To me it seems a logical, constructive way for us to tell him how much we value the skills he brings to the table but to help him understand what we - his team - need him to do so we can start working together to our full potential."

    Our response:

    "Thanks for making contact, Insync Surveys could sensitively and confidentially work with groups of employees to improve their alignment with your organisational objectives; we could:

    • Assess employees' behaviour and explore how this aligns with preferred leadership styles for maximum performance
    • Look at leadership skills and hold coaching /mentoring sessions with individuals
    • Help individuals to identify and articulate their training needs so that they can work more effectively.

    "Have you considered contacting your HR team and trying to see if a 360 feedback process is something they may be able to use as part of a leadership development program?"

    For further details on 360 feedback please contact +61 3 9909 9222

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