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    Employee engagement

    Employee engagementEmployee Engagement Survey

    As a HR manager, do you want to understand how engaged your workforce is as an enabler to achieve sustainable high performance?

    Assessing employee engagement alone is insufficient to move from survey answers to action. Key to your organisation's transformational journey to high performance is an understanding of the drivers of engagement.

    While you may have observed that staff have lower levels of engagement with your strategic direction, the Employee Engagement Survey actually will help to reveal the top three levers to improve.

    Features of Insync Surveys' Employee Engagement Survey:

    • the employee survey is quick to implement and can be customised to your organisations' unique context
    • our registered psychologists or team of research experts can help you interpret the Employee Engagement Survey results and create targeted action planning around the drivers of employee engagement in your organisation

    As an example, we may identify that the most effective way to increase employee engagement in your accounts receivable team in the finance department  is to clarify what outcomes and standards are expected of staff and relate these back to the organisation's long term goals. This might be in direct contrast to your customer service department that needs to have some reward and recognition of their performance following a period of sustained activity.

    For further details on the Employee Engagement Survey please contact +61 3 9909 9222

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