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    Employee survey

    Employee surveyAlignment and Engagement Survey

    As a HR manager, do you want to boost your organisations' performance and effectiveness?

    The Alignment and Engagement Survey, an employee survey, takes staff just 15 minutes to complete.

    This employee survey is based on extensive academic research that shows the two greatest drivers of performance are alignment and engagement.

    Features of Insync Surveys' Alignment and Engagement Survey:

    • based on an academically and statistically validated framework
    • benchmarks performance against other organisations' results
    • measures the extent to which your organisation is achieving best practice
    • our framework measures 10 high performing factors, which are groups of questions that indicate outcomes, under the headings of "Energise", "Execute" and "Engage"
    • our factor assessment also indicates barriers to achieving organisational goals and actions

    As an example, we may discover that your staff may have strong alignment with senior management and the organisation's long term direction but low engagement around team effectiveness. Together, we can then use your results and assist with strategy development and organisational development.

    For further details on the Alignment and Engagement Survey please contact +61 3 9909 9222

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