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    Exit interview

    Exit interviewExit interviews and Exit Surveys

    As a HR manager, do you want to reduce staff turnover, its associated costs and the disruption to productivity?

    Insync Surveys' Exit Survey is an exit interview offering. It's a low cost way of gaining candid responses from exiting employees objectively.

    Preventing loss of key staff at the wrong time by understanding why people leave is key in understanding staff turnover and reducing the associated costs.

    Immediate action can be taken as Insync Surveys' online exit interview data is prepared in real-time.

    Tailored improvement strategies can be implemented as results can be drilled down to specific locations and departments.

    Regular debriefs from Insync Surveys' trained researchers help you to understand and interpret the results and develop improvement strategies.

    Features of Insync Surveys' exit interviews:

    • secure online Exit and Entry Survey portal, created in consultation with you as our client, that you can administer yourself
    • secure web based environment for viewing results, ongoing data and paper reports on request
    • online exit interviews for departing employees are standard
    • training for administrators using the Insync Surveys exit interview portal
    • day-to-day research project manager support
    • option for exit interviews by phone conducted by Insync Surveys
    • option for paper based surveys for staff without a computer
    • option for presentation and reporting of results and key findings for senior HR managers and business leaders

    For further details on Exit interviews please contact +61 3 9909 9222

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