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    Tips for maximising staff survey response rates

    A great response rate for your staff survey ensures your data can be taken seriously and really represents what your employees think. Staff survey response rates are your first step towards achieving employee engagement. Insync Surveys has worked with hundreds of clients to maximise response rates. This consulting experience has taught us that it's a combination of several small actions done consistently and effectively that have the biggest impact on staff survey response rates. To gain maximum response rates Insync Surveys recommend that each of the initiatives detailed below is considered and implemented wherever possible. Insync Surveys will, at the client's request, drive each of these initiatives during the planning and execution of your staff survey.

    How to boost staff survey response rates:

    1. An accurate and complete employee contact list with email addresses (or postal addresses for snail mail or names and phone numbers for phone surveys) is the best starting point. If more staff get your survey invite a greater response sample will be achieved
    2. Detailed response monitoring will enable us to target low response areas and to work with employees in those areas to respond.  It's important to watch the employee survey response rates for particular demographics where you're concerned, i.e. particular work areas or business units, on a daily basis during the survey period
    3. Personalised reminder communications sent at a time that's determined in consultation with your internal project manager
    4. Reminders should only be sent to invitees who are yet to respond
    5. Ensure the employees who need a paper based staff survey are accurately identified to increase the number of invitees. Invitations can be delivered to individuals via a personalised invitation either in the post of via email
    6. Every individual invitation for Insync Surveys' online staff survey will contain unique passwords, this means each staff member only replies once and helps to make your results more accurate
    7. Provide your employees with an independent survey provider phone number, clearly identified on the survey, to call if they are having difficulties completing either the paper based or online version of the survey or if they have questions about any element of the survey process. Insync Surveys provides such telephone support to answer questions during the survey period.  We are adequately resourced to handle such enquiries confidentially, promptly and efficiently
    8. When collecting and coding responses ensure that every paper based form is returned promptly via an efficient pre-determined strategy.  Timeliness will also include collation of data and statistical analysis to be completed in line with your project's timeframes
    9. Develop and implement strategies to increase awareness of the poll. Key to your staff survey communication strategy will be to maximise awareness, buy in and response rates across the organisation.  Insync Surveys will work with your people to identify all available and relevant communication channels
    10. The employee poll can also be promoted through the use of an incentive. An incentive promotes participation and can be an effective marketing vehicle. Recent projects have shown a marked increase in response rates with the inclusion of an incentive. The other option is making a donation to charity for every survey response received. An incentive doesn't have to be expensive, every respondent might get a Kit Kat and note from a senior manager encouraging them to take a break from their day-to-day and complete the survey
    11. Given the busy organisational environments that many clients operate in, Insync Surveys suggests that a pre survey communication exercise is beneficial to achieve higher response rates
    12. Presentations to staff that provide the opportunity to ask questions about the survey process can alleviate apprehension or doubts about confidentiality. Employing a pre-survey strategy including marketing drives and presentations are encouraged as best practice
    13. Promoting the use of an independent third party running your survey such as Insync Surveys encourages openness and higher response rates. Participants appreciate the chance to submit feedback confidentially and also like to know that their feedback is going to be used appropriately and taken seriously as part of an improvement project
    14. Winning buy-in from senior leaders and mid-level managers is very important to raise the profile of your measurement project which will ultimately lead to higher employee engagement

    With many of the above staff survey response rate tips used, your staff survey project will be in good stead to achieve your desired response rate.

    For assistance with staff survey response rates from Insync Surveys, please contact +61 3 9909 9222

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