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    Why conduct a staff survey?

    Many organisations know that they need to conduct a staff survey but are unclear on the primary objectives they should devise. Insync Surveys offers a range of employee surveys which can cover any aspect of Human Resource (HR) planning, strategy development organisational development. Current clients have conducted staff surveys for the following reasons:

    1. To measure key factors which underpin the successful operation of the organisation. Irrespective of an organisation's size, geographical dispersion and industry, factors are things that can affect employees' roles, execution, energy and engagement. A factor may be "alignment with senior leadership", "engagement in long term direction" or "team effectiveness".
    2. To measure, understand and boost staff engagement. Academic research has shown a link between engagement and performance within the work environment. Engagement can be manifested through thoughts, words and actions.
    3. To measure the pulse of the organisation. This is often undertaken either prior to or following organisational re-structuring, organisational  change or corporate re-engineering.
    4. To act as a health-check. At any time or in response to external events such as change in industry regulations, introduction of a new competitor to the marketplace, implementation of new working practices or other external market forces.
    5. To investigate the reasons for staff turnover. An exit interview explicitly investigates motivations for staff departure which is a costly process for any organisation.
    6. To improve the performance of key staff and increase both their efficiency and engagement with the organisation as a whole.The 360 feedback survey can be rolled out to all management or to some key executives as a leadership development and emotional intelligence project.
    7. To inform specific organisational issues. Safety procedures for transport and mining industry clients, harassment and bullying issues, response to changes in educational protocols and many more.

    To discuss your staff survey needs please call Insync Surveys on +61 3 9909 9222

    We have a range of employee surveys including:

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